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Laptop Screen Fitting Instructions


Laptop LCD Removal and Fitting Instructions
Step 1: Turn off mains power and remove battery
Step 2: Remove screw covers
Step 3: Remove all screws from the bezel, sometimes screws are hidden for example under the manufacturers label.
 Step 4: Remove bezel - Start at the lower edge of the LCD panel. Push your fingers between the bezel and the LCD panel, and carefully remove the bezel all around, up to the top edge of the panel. Be careful as the bezel is brittle.
 Step 5:Remove the screws between holding frame and laptop lid in order to get to the holding screws of the LCD panel.
Step 6: Carefully remove the holding screws for the LCD panel.
Step 7: Carefully tilt the LCD panel towards the front. Caution - The cables are still connected!
Step 8:Carefully pull the data plug out of the tilted display. If possible, do not pull the data plug holding on to the data connection!
Step 9:Now remove the backlight plug from the inverter. (Please do not pull at the connection!)
Make sure that the mains power is turned off and the battery is fully removed from the laptop.
Step 10: The removal is now finished.
To install the new LCD panel, repeat the process in reverse order.


Laptop Power UK shows you how to replace and fit a cracked laptop screen in minutes, saving you valuable time and money in the process. Fast and effective solutions at unbeatable prices from a true market leader.

It’s not difficult to see why people become so attached to their laptop computer. As a portable device it’s popularity is rivalled perhaps only by the mobile phone. But in terms of sheer usefulness, it’s so much more than a mobile phone.

Power on the Move

On our laptops we store our precious memories in the form of hundreds of digital photographs plus video footage; we watch movies on it, surf the oracle that is the internet, send and receive emails, play games, even chat to relatives and friends on the other side of the world. But, perhaps most importantly of all, many of us use this powerful and sophisticated tool in our work.

Not surprising then, that when accidents do happen - like for instance a cracked laptop screen - a sense of understandable panic is likely to ensue. And that’s where Laptop Power UK are always on hand to help.

Replacing a Laptop Screen

The mere thought of replacing a cracked laptop screen might seem daunting enough to most of us, but it’s actually easier than you might imagine. And replacing a laptop screen is likely to be a lot cheaper than you might expect too. Because we only use the highest quality compatible components we save you money. And, because we stock quality replacement components to fit virtually every laptop model on the market, we’ll save you time also (an important consideration if you use your laptop as a source of revenue).

Fitting a Laptop Screen

Our informative website will give you simple to follow, step-by-step instructions on fitting a laptop screen. On most models, replacing a laptop screen can be achieved in just a few minutes and with a minimum amount of fuss.

Saving you time

One of the major disadvantages of sending your laptop away to its original manufacturer could mean your device finds itself sitting on the shelf of an overstretched service and maintenance department for weeks at a time. Fitting a laptop screen yourself means you’re likely to be back up and running in no time at all.

Fast and Efficient Delivery

Laptop Power UK, offer an outstanding delivery service either to your home or to your office. And we don’t just supply replacement screens. Our other products include replacement batteries, keyboards and power adapters too, with all items benefiting from a twelve-month warranty from date of purchase.

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