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Advent ERT2250 Compatible Adapter


Below is shown the replacement Advent ERT2250 laptop charger. The product on offer from Laptop Power UK is an original product guaranteeing our customers the best product quality available and compliance with all UK safety standards. We ensure that this is the correct product specification for this laptop, however we have also provided the technical product information relating to the Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter including a picture of the tip.

Model Name Advent ERT2250 Adapter
EAN Number 5053069188498
Input Volts AC 100V - 240V
Output Volts 19V
Output Current 3.42A
Power 65
Internal Stock Code CAA45G
Price (Ex. VAT) £19.99
Postage (Ex. VAT) £1.66
VAT £4.33
Total Price Delivered £25.98

Adapter Info

Advent ERT2250 Laptop Chargers & ERT 2250 Laptop Adapter

Although Advent laptops are handy to take out and about, it is not always the case with Advent ERT2250 chargers.  Traveling around with an Advent ERT2250 adaptor isn’t really a problem, but remembering your Advent ERT2250 charger when you travel can be.  It can often be the case that your Advent ERT2250 laptop charger is plugged in at home and in the rush of getting ready, you end up leaving your Advent ERT2250 adapter behind. Forgetting your Advent ERT2250 laptop charger can be more than inconvenient, as most laptop batteries can only last a couple of hours without being plugged in to their Advent ERT2250 adapter to charge.  A solution to the Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter problem is to always keep a spare Advent ERT2250 laptop charger handy in your briefcase or laptop bag.  That way, there is no danger of forgetting to pack your Advent ERT2250 charger because you always have a spare Advent ERT2250 laptop charger with you. 

You can apply a similar Advent ERT2250 adaptor solution if you often take your laptop between the office and home.  Purchasing a spare Advent ERT2250 adapter for your home or office means that whichever place you need to do some work on your laptop, there is an Advent2250 laptop adapter handy.  Having a spare Advent ERT2250 adapter also means that you will always have another Advent ERT2250 charger if your original Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter is misplaced or in the unlikely event that one of your Advent ERT2250 charger malfunctions.  Purchasing your spare Advent ERT2250 adapter could be vital as back-up for your original Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter just when you need it most.

Everyone with an Advent laptop knows that they need their Advent ERT2250 laptop charger every few hours at least in order to keep their laptop running.  That is why a spare adapter is a great idea if you travel on the train frequently.  Many trains now provide power sockets which you can plug your Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter into to ensure you stay working on the move.  This spare Advent ERT2250 charger means that you can leave another Advent ERT2250 laptop charger safely at home or the office so that whatever happens, you have an Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter when you need one.

Choosing to buy your Advent ERT2250 laptop charger from us means that you get fast delivery of your Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter, as all Advent ERT2250 chargers are sent first class on the day you order your Advent ERT2250 laptop charger. Not only will you receive your Advent ERT2250 laptop charger very swiftly, you also receive a free Advent ERT2250 charger UK powercord with every Advent ERT2250 adapter that you buy, ensuring that your new Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter is ready for use immediately. 

There is no need to worry that buying your Advent ERT2250 adapter through us means you end up paying more for your Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter than you expect because there are no hidden charges with our Advent ERT2250 adapters.  The price you see for Advent ERT2250 laptop chargers is the price that you pay for your Advent ERT2250 charger from us. Buying your Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter online is safe with our secure Advent ERT2250 laptop adapter payment system and you can be assured that our Advent ERT2250 chargers are of a high quality to ensure that your new adapter won’t let you down.


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