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If you are in need of a replacement HP laptop charger then you have come to the right place. Laptop Power UK stock the original HP laptop adapters. To identify the correct charger for your laptop you will need to ascertain which type of HP laptop you have. The series of the laptop is often written on the plastic bezel frame around the outside of your screen. Alternatively if you turn your laptop upside down the exact model of your laptop will be listed and from this information you can make the correct choice on the Laptop Power UK website.

HP has a reputation as an economy range laptop brand which is designed with price competiveness in mind. That said you don’t want to end up with an inferior quality HP Laptop Power Supply. There are a lot of cheap and unsafe HP adapters on the market which are a false economy since they need to be replaced regularly due to product failure. When you purchase off Laptop Power UK you receive the original product, which will last the full lifetime of your Acer laptop.

One of the strongest selling points of Laptop Power UK is that we stock every type of HP Laptop Chargers. Whether you have a brand new HP laptop or a ten year old laptop, you can guarantee that our company will have the original HP Laptop Adapters for your machine. We pride ourselves on offering customers a one-stop shop for all their HP power solutions and this includes old hard to find parts from years gone by.

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17 2000 Series 210 215
240 241 242 245
246 248 250 250 (G1)
255 255 (G1) 256 258
340 345 346 348
350 350 G1 350 G2 355
355 G2 4000 6000 All-in-One
Chromebook Compaq DM1 DM3
DM4 DV7 Series Elite Elite X2
Elitebook Envy Envy
Envy X2
Envy X360 Folio G HDX
HP Mini Mini-Note Mobile Thin
Notebook PC Omen OmniBook Pavilion
Pavilion X2 Pavilion
Slate Slatebook Special
Spectre Pro Spectre X2 Spectre
Spectre XT Split Split X2 Stream
TouchSmart X2 X360 Zbook

HP chargers and HP laptop adapters – Direct from the UK’s leading laptop power specialist

Hewlett Packard is the largest and most successful manufacturer of laptops in the world. Their laptops are uniquely positioned within the market combining price competitiveness, style and excellent longevity outside the manufacturing warranty period. In addition HP is equally popular in both the entertainment market and the corporate world. Given the sheer number of HP laptops out in the field, our HP Laptop Chargers are amongst our best-sellers month in month out. Given that HP is the biggest laptop brand out there, we pay extra special attention to ensure that our range of HP ac adapters is bang up to date covering all the mainstream and quirky models out there.

The majority of HP adaptors have been manufactured by Hirpo, with excellent reliability and safety records. However given the mammoth quantity of these HP power supplies that have been produced there are bound to be some HP Compaq chargers that fail and fall over. Indeed there is also a lot of ac adapters for HP being left on trains and in hotel rooms by accident.


HP Chargers - Several to Choose from

Irrespective of whether you have a stylish brand new HP laptop, or you have a ancient laptop that is still going strong from years gone by, Laptop Power UK will have the correct adapter for your HP. The HP Compaq laptop power supply for years gone by tends to be characterised by having a small yellow tip on its end. More recent HP battery chargers have a sliver hollow barrel-shaped connector on the end with a fine pin inside the tip.

We will be able to assist you whatever your HP adaptor requirement.We supply more HP laptop power cables than any other independent distributor in Europe, and therefore we like to think we know our onions in this specialist area.We are able to offer both original HP Compaq chargers and adapters, as well as our own Laptop Power UK branded mains chargers.All of the HP power adaptors advertised on our website come with a one year warranty, which compares well with the three months that HP offer on their own power leads.Come direct to Laptop Power UK and don’t let a failed or lost HP laptop charger cause you more trouble than needs to be the case.

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