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Of all the HP products we supply, our range of HP DM1 laptop chargers is the most popular. The HP DM1 range of laptops is targeted towards the retail end-user market and hence the demand for the full range of HP DM1 laptop adapters is very high. Customers of Laptop Power UK will be glad to know that all our listed products are guaranteed to be in stock, with next day delivery throughout the UK being available. If you are desperate for your product to be delivered quickly, our company can be relied upon to deliver the very best service. You will find yourself with the correct HP DM1 charger in your hands ready to use in a matter of no time!


Be careful to use our website search functions to ensure that you select the correct laptop model number of your machine. This will ensure that the correct product will turn up and you won’t be disappointed. Customers require replacement HP DM1 laptop power supply for many different reasons. Some customers have misplaced their previous item by leaving it on the train or in a hotel room for example. Other people have damaged the tip or cable on their HP DM1 laptop adapter. Whatever the reason for needing a replacement product, Laptop Power UK take all the stress and hassle out of sourcing an original quality product at a cost effective price.


All the HP laptop chargers supplied by Laptop Power UK have the strictest safety certification standards on the market. All our products are CE approved, RoHS compliant and UL tested. It is this focus on safety standards and quality that has ensured Laptop Power UK is the UK’s largest supplier of Acer Aspire adapters to the country’s schools and colleges. If you have any technical questions regarding our product range we will be glad to assist either via telephone or email.

DM1-1005SF DM1-1010EF DM1-1020EA DM1-1020SA
DM1-1110EA DM1-1110EF DM1-1110SA DM1-1111EA
DM1-2010SF DM1-3200SA DM1-4000 DM1-4000au
DM1-4000ee DM1-4000eg DM1-4000ej DM1-4000en
DM1-4000er DM1-4000sb DM1-4000sd DM1-4000se
DM1-4000sg DM1-4000sp DM1-4001au DM1-4001tu
DM1-4001xx DM1-4002au DM1-4003au DM1-4003tu
DM1-4004sa DM1-4006au DM1-4006tu DM1-4007sz
DM1-4007tu DM1-4008tu DM1-4009au DM1-4009tu
DM1-4010au DM1-4010en DM1-4010ez DM1-4010se
DM1-4010ss DM1-4010us DM1-4011au DM1-4011tu
DM1-4012au DM1-4012tu DM1-4013au DM1-4013nr
DM1-4013tu DM1-4014tu DM1-4015au DM1-4015tu
DM1-4016au DM1-4016tu DM1-4018ca DM1-4020ea
DM1-4020ew DM1-4020SA DM1-4027ea DM1-4027SA
DM1-4033sf DM1-4034eo DM1-4035eo DM1-4039eg
DM1-4050us DM1-4051xx DM1-4054nr DM1-4070la
DM1-4071la DM1-4074la DM1-4099ej DM1-4125EA
DM1a DM1z-4000

All trademarks shown above are solely for identification purposes. All trademarks are acknowledged.

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