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HP Mini

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HP Mini netbook chargers and power leads – Keep your little friend juiced up

HP have joined in the netbook craze along with everyone else, and have produced some great HP Mini Netbook designs. Many of these tend to be 10.1” and 10.2” designs and have been receiving rave reviews from consumer analysts.

A full range of HP mini adapters and power cables can be found on our website. The one blessing for customers is that HP mini chargers are quite a bit cheaper than the comparative laptop charger since they are lower in wattage and specification. Indeed the majority of HP mini power cables are less than 40w, and generally speaking the higher the wattage the higher the cost of making the netbook adaptor.


Always Keep a Spare HP Mini Charger

Most of the HP mini netbooks employ the same specification of charger, so you will find in our databases that the same HP battery charger fits a lot of different HP Mini netbooks. Many customers elect to purchase a spare HP Mini Power Supply to omit the possibility of them forgetting the charger resulting in them not being able to get on with their work or surf the internet.

Whatever you reasons for needing a replacement HP Mini power lead, we are confident we can offer you an outstanding, economic and speedy solution to the annoying failure or loss of your previous netbook power supply.
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