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HP Probook

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HP Probook laptop chargers – Provided complete with full customer warranty and Express Delivery

The HP Probook laptops are widely seen as the successor to the Pavilion range. Hewlett Packard appear to put a lot of development into the Probook series of laptop indicating that we are likely to be seeing quite a few more variants of the Probook in the years to come. Here at Laptop Power UK, we are already seeing the orders flooding in for replacement HP Probook chargers and power cables. Fortunately HP have elected to use their standard laptop adapter which keeps things nice and straightforward.

The main manufacturer for the Probook adaptors is Hipro, which is along with Delta the premier company in the world. Failure rates on these power cable units are minimal with lots of replacements being the result of them being left on trains during business trips etc. If you have lost your HP Probook laptop adapter then there is no need to fret, we have another one with you before you know it.


HP Probook Charger, Adapter, Power Supply - What is it called?

These chargers are known by lots of different names depending on who you ask. Whether people talk about a Probook power supply, an HP AC Adapter or indeed a Probook mains lead, they are talking about the same thing. In actual fact we find that some of companies in the laptop industry try to make things as complicated as they can by using obscure sounding part numbers and codes to refer to the respective power adapter.

We consider it our job to cut through all this nonsense and make the process of providing you with the correct Probook adapter as pain free as possible. We have the most sophisticated supply chain when it comes to laptop power products in Europe, and we are confident you will be pleased you used Laptop Power UK to provide you with Probook power supplies.
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