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Toshiba Compatible Satellite

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Toshiba Satellite laptop chargers and adapters - A much in demand hardware spare

The Satellite series of laptop has been carrying the Toshiba flag in the last five years, and most innovation within the Toshiba laptop range has been directed towards this range. For the last two years the Toshiba Satellite AC Charger has been one of the most requested items we are asked for. We are able to supply laptop adaptors compatible with the full Toshiba satellite range of notebooks.

It requires some expertise to ensure that customers receive the correct compatible Toshiba Satellite ac charger because some laptops in this range require a 75w mains cable whilst some need a 90w power lead. Our website has a database which allows customers to see which Satellite ac adapter should be used with which Toshiba model. Of course customers are advised to double check all the technical information provided for our compatible charger matches up with your original Toshiba Satellite power supply.


A Very Low Failure Rate on Toshiba Satellite Chargers

The RMA rate on original satellite chargers is very low, so a lot of the demand for our products in this area is driven by customers who have either lost their Toshiba Charger or simply want a spare as a back-up in case of a power emergency.

Since all the compatible Toshiba Satellite chargers advertised on our website are held in our local warehouse system, we can offer the best level of service in the laptop spares and hardware industry. In addition all the compatible Satellite adapters we offer are fixed-tip cables meaning they are specifically designed for your laptop, unlike many of the universal chargers that are forced onto people if you go to some stores. If you are in desperate need of a Satellite power cable, we are confident you will not be disappointed by the delivery time or premium product quality offered by our compatible ac adaptor.
Toshiba Compatible
Satellite 0 1000 1100
1105 1110 1115 1130
1135 1200 1400 1410
1415 1500 1600 1700
1800 1900 1950 200
2000 2100 2200 2400
2405 2410 2415 2430
2435 2450 2455 2500
2600 2700 2800 300
3000 400 4000 5000
5100 5200 6000 A10
A100 A105 A110 A130
A135 A15 A20 A200
A205 A210 A215 A25
A30 A300 A300D A305
A305D A35 A350 A350D
A355 A355D A40 A45
A50 A500 A505 A505D
A55 A60 A600 A65
A655 A660 A660D A665
A70 A75 A80 A85
C40 Series C50 Series C55 Series C640
C645 C645D C650 C650D
C655 C655D C660 C660D
C665 C665D C670 C670D
C675 C675D C70 Series C75 Series
C845 C850 C850D C855
C855D C870 C870D C875
C875D CL10 Series CL15 CL15T
CL45 D50 Series E105 E200
E205 E305 E45 Series E55 Series
L10 L100 L15 L20
L200 L25 L30 L300
L300D L305 L305D L310
L320 L35 L350 L350D
L355 L355D L40 L40 Series
L400 L45 L45 Series L450
L450D L455 L455D L50 Series
L500 L500D L505 L505D
L506 L507 L508 L509
L510 L511 L512 L515
L55 Series L550 L550D L555
L555D L600 L600D L630
L635 L640 L640D L645
L645D L650 L650D L655
L655D L660 L670 L670D
L675 L675D L70 Series L700
L700D L730 L735 L735D
L740 L740D L745 L745D
L75 Series L750 L750D L755
L755D L770 L770D L775
L775D L830 L840 L840D
L845 L850 L850D L855
L855D L870 L870D L875
L875D L950 L950D L955
L955D M10 M100 M105
M110 M115 M15 M20
M200 M205 M210 M30
M300 M305 M305D M30x
M35 M355 M35x M40
M40X M45 M50 M500
M505 M505D M55 M60
M600 M640 M645 M65
M70 NB10T NB15 NB15T
P10 P100 P105 P15
P20 P200 P200D P205
P205D P210 P25 P30
P300 P300D P305 P305D
P35 P355 P50 Series P500
P500D P505 P505D P55 Series
P70 Series P740 P740D P745
P745D P750 P755 P755D
P770 P770D P775 P775D
P840 P840T P845 P845T
P850 P855 P870 P875
R10 R15 R20 R25
R630 R830 R840 R845
R850 R930 R945 S Series
S50 Series S55 Series S70 Series S75 Series
S850 S855 S855D S870
S875 S875D S955D SA30
T Series T110 T115 T115D
T130 T135 T135D T1800
T210 T2100 T210D T215D
T230 T230D T235 T235D
U200 U205 U300 U305
U400 U405 U405D U50 Series
U500 U505 U50T U840
U840T U840W U845 U845T
U845W U920T U925T U940
U945 V V85 W30DT
W30T Z30 Z30 Series Z830

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