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Want the best laptop screen? Choose Dell

There is more to Dell laptop screens that meets the eye. Firstly choosing the size that is right is important. Dell laptop screens vary in size and range from 14 inches to larger 17 inches. How you use your laptop will be able to help you make the right choice. If you travel a lot and take your laptop with you the best size Dell laptop screen would be about 14” - 15” as larger Dell laptop screens may be difficult to use in cramped spaces.

However if you are planning to use your laptop in place of a desktop computer then you will probably find a larger Dell laptop screen more suitable.

Yet Dell laptop screens are also created in ways that suit particular use. For instance you may require anti-reflective properties that reduce glare or you may use your laptop for games or multimedia purposes in which case the large Dell laptop screens provide good viewing.

Another thing to consider when buying Dell laptop screens is how often you intend using your laptop while it is running on battery power. Many use different amounts of backlight to power them and are at their most intensive when running on battery power, so purchasing Dell laptop screens that provide efficient backlight options may be the best option.

There is also the option of LCD Dell laptop screens which use less electricity when compared to glossy screens of touch screens. They offer superior graphics and colour accuracy which is especially beneficial for users such as graphic artists or photographers for whom crisp presentations are critical.

Take, for example, Dell's "UltraSharp 2408WFP". These Dell laptop screens offer a 24” screen that uses an S-PVA panel in order to produce high quality pictures. While it may not be ideal for gaming it is very suitable for almost all other uses.

Upgrading or replacing Dell laptop screens

Fairly recently glossy Dell laptop screens have become very popular which has lead many to replacing their matte screen. Dell laptop screen replacement is possible in this instance as it can save you the cost of having to buy a new laptop.

Yet Dell laptop screen replacement or Dell laptop LCD screen replacement is also an option if your screen is broken or damaged. Dell laptop screen repair however needs to be undertaken by a professional and there are many vendors who dedicate themselves to the service of Dell laptop screen replacement, Dell laptop LCD screen replacement and Dell laptop screen repair.

Laptops are very costly today and if you unfortunately break or damage the screen it is often assumed that the entire laptop needs to be replaced. However this is not the case. You can purchase Dell laptop screens and have a professional do the work of your Dell laptop screen replacement or Dell laptop LCD screen replacement or you can source the instructions and replace it yourself. Taking on the task of Dell laptop screen replacement or Dell laptop LCD screen replacement is not that hard and you can save yourself the expense of having to replace the entire laptop. Dell laptop screen replacement and Dell laptop LCD screen replacement is also the environmentally friendly option in terms of disposal so you will be doing your bit towards cutting down on pollution.

Dell laptop screen replacement or Dell laptop screen repair

One of most expensive parts of a laptop is its screen so it makes good financial sense to replace or repair it rather than buy a new machine. Dell laptop LCD screen replacement, dell laptop screen replacement or dell laptop screen repair is necessary if the screen is cracked or if you want to upgrade the standard screen with one that offers a higher resolution. You may also need to replace the screen if you are suffering from dead spaces as a result of dead pixels. Dell usually provide a ‘dead pixel policy’, if you have more than a certain amount they offer they provide a Dell laptop LCD screen replacement service or a Dell laptop screen repair option.

Replacing Dell laptop screens or Dell laptop screen repair

The process for Dell laptop screen replacement is the same as for Dell laptop LCD screen replacement. Both processes are quite simple as all it takes is a little time the right tools and good instructions. Most important however before you begin the process of replacing your screen is to make sure that the screen you purchase matches that of the manufactures model number.

Power off and disconnect all cables and remove the battery. Remove the rubber screw covers. You may need to use a small jeweller’s screwdriver to remove the rubber plugs. These runner covers serve a dual purpose. The first is to hide the screws and the second acts as a bumper stop when the laptop is closed.

Once you have removed them they will expose the screws that hold the screen frame in place. Once these screws are removed you can pry the frame lose. Once the screen frame is removed it will uncover the screen cables and power cord. You need to unplug them both and remove them the tape that holds the screen in place.

Once removed you can then plug in the new LCD screen secure it with tape and replace the frame being careful no to fold the cords in the process. This completes the Dell laptop LCD screen replacement process, process or Dell laptop screen replacement process.


Dell laptop screen repair may be possible if your screen is blinking in which case a test will confirm this. Troubleshooting before you replace a screen may uncover something quite small and uncomplicated; in this case Dell laptop screen repair can save you money and time. It is generally not suggested that you carry out your own Dell laptop screen repair at home.
Laptop Power UK has no affiliation with Dell and does not supply Dell branded products. Although we consider the products supplied by Laptop Power UK to be compatible for use in Dell systems, they are neither manufactured, approved nor endorsed by Dell and they do not carry a Dell warranty.

All trademarks shown above are solely for identification purposes. All trademarks are acknowledged.

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